Insight Guide
Score savvy

Consumers change; credit scores should too

Financial institutions must continuously strive to make better lending decisions and identify new growth opportunities. By augmenting static consumer credit scores with enriched data, lenders can significantly increase the universe of consumers available to target, ensuring:

  • More precise lending decisions and better risk management
  • Acquisition of new, profitable customers
  • Detailed evaluation of consumers not currently deemed “scoreable”
  • Understanding of the unmet needs of existing customers

Lenders can now access trended data showing consumer credit use over time, greatly enhancing the traditional “moment in time” consumer snapshot. This new extended view increases the Prime and Super Prime pool of consumers by more than 3 million. Additionally, 26.5 million consumers who couldn’t previously be scored can now effectively be scored.

Read our new Insight Guide: Score Savvy, to learn how dynamic credit scores can help you say yes–more often–to the right consumers.